Colegio en España

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"The Real Thing"

The Irish student is individually integrated into a regular secondary school, among Spanish students, and is taught all subjects through Spanish. The Spanish curriculum offers a wide range of subjects which vary from one school to another. The minimum stay is a 5-week school term, with the option of extending it for additional terms, up to the full academic year.

Irish students can be reassured that their starting level in Spanish is not critical, as making friends soon helps overcome anxiety. To gain fluency, residing in a country does not suffice. Only a studious approach with substantial preparation and consistent support will make the difference. Progress in fluency is guaranteed by the placement of only one Irish student of our group in each school, with extensive preparation and follow-up.

  • An Initial test helps determine the Spanish school year and evaluate personal needs.
  • A Briefing alleviates every parents concerns re-supervision, accommmodation, etc.
  • A Crash Course, held before departure, provides a head-start in elocution and communication skills.
  • A Preparatory Course, held on arrival in Spain, ensures smooth integration into the Spanish school structure and secures a level of Spanish sufficient to participate actively in class (homework in Spanish and guidance).
  • A Local Contact, accessible to the Irish students, as well as their parents, monitors well-being, progress and integration.

A Natural Spanish Environment

Schools are located in the West of Spain (Vigo, Pontevedra, Santiago, Lugo and La Coruña). Accommodation is full time in families vetted by the school. This tailor-made type of placement, alongside students from the school, offers every advantage of an exchange, without any of the inconvenience.

The Living Language Safety Net

  • Tailor made Individual Academic Placement
  • Spanish Schools providing care and ethos
  • At the Home of Spanish students (not an exchange)
  • Full Assessment & Preparation
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Weekly Tuition and Support
  • Supervised airports collections & transfers

This individual placement dramatically improves the student’s fluency and becomes a bonus for oral and written exams and for life. Although a daunting experience at the start, our Irish students, with the full support and preparation of our local staff, enjoy their time in Spain, mature a lot and are upgraded in their Spanish classes on returning to Ireland.

A "Diploma Honorífica" is awarded to students who have made outstanding achievements.

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