Aventure en France

Ideal for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Year, this programme provides the Irish students with the opportunity to practise their spoken French in a natural French environment, by participating in sporting activities in the company of French students, with morning French classes taught in very small groups.

Student studying chimistry

Morning French classes

Emphasis is put on fluency and basic communication skills (rather than grammar or written French, done at home). This helps students recognize French pronunciation (French is not phonetic), gain confidence and love the language.

Teachers use an oral approach, in conjunction with current documents, [conversation, role-play, French films/TV]. Cultural visits are prepared [Powerpoint, treasure hunts]. Some classes may be shared with the French students [debates, interviews, polls, workshops]. All levels of French are catered for.

Our very small classes (8 to 12 students max/centre) maximize personal attention and allow our experienced native teachers to attend to the particular needs and problems of each individual.


Afternoon shared activities
Samples (subject to modification)

  • Canoeing-Rafting/Wind Surfing
  • Tennis/Badminton/Squash
  • Swimming
  • Basket/Volley Ball
  • Jungle Trailing/Archery
  • Skating/Mini-Golf
  • Visit of chateau/Museum
  • Tour of industry
  • Zip-lining

Design: Corentin Hatte Support: Eleanor Dubail