Intersivkurs In Deutschland

This course, which combines classes and some cultural and sporting activities shared with local German students, takes place in Munich and/or Hanover.

Handball players complement the Leaving Cert

The curriculum is designed to complement the Leaving Cert syllabus in the context of a German environment. It aims to give each student a strong foundation in basic grammar and communication skills (oral/aural). Classes consist of max. 10 students. These very small classes maximize personal attention and allow our experienced native teacher to attend to the particular needs and problems of each individual student.

A football stadium in Germany

At the home of a German student

Some sporting and cultural activities are shared with the German students. The German family expects their guest to partake in family activities. The main advantage of this course is that the Irish students are accommodated with local students. Our students are thus immersed in an authentic German environment (meals, sporting activities, recreation etc.), which is an asset for the oral & aural. In addition, our Irish students work in a very small group of maximum (6 to 10 students). Classes are taught through German by native teacher, helping students to cover every angle of the coming German Leaving Cert exam, in particular in grammar and written.

Regular contact is maintained with the Irish student. German instructor and teacher, along with a bilingual coordinator, operate in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere, with a few rules. A briefing arranged before departure provides parents with practical information (classes, activities, supervision, accommodation, pocket-money, laundry, etc.) and helps alleviate concerns you may have as a parent.

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