Cours Intensif en France

girls french leaving cert results complement the Leaving Cert

Conducted first in French private Secondary schools, this course is designed to complement the oral section of the Leaving Cert syllabus, in the context of a real French immersion. This stay gives students a strong foundation in communication skills (oral and aural). Prior to departure, a portfolio is introduced (designed to correct pronunciation and boost confidence), to be completed in France and supervised locally.

Accommodation with a lycéen offers care and comfort. On returning to Ireland, progress is then consolidated with intensive work added on grammar and written French. High motivation is a pre-requisite as French is the vehicular language. The information meeting and language test held in Dublin confirms acceptance onto the programme. A longer stay in France is possible.

written French studies

Content taught through French:

  • Leaving Cert Oral & Document (assisted preparation)
  • Aural Comprehension (CDs/FFL Educational Videos)
  • Reading Comprehension: Past LC exam papers
  • Writing techniques, Q1 to Q4 to improve confidence
  • Review of the Portfolio, with drills on pronunciation and structures
  • Grammar: les temps, pronoms, genres... et la syntaxe
  • Presentation, debates to instil assurance in spoken French
  • Civilisation: culture et géographie de la France (building resources)

This course is taught by native teachers, experienced in teaching the Leaving Cert syllabus (some are correctors of the Leaving Cert) and familiar with the exam marking schemes. They use key grammatical structures recommended in the Department of Education guidelines.

female French Irish students

Key benefits of Living Language programme:

  • Accommodation with a French lycéen
  • Regular visits by our local representative
  • Better understanding of the French way of life
  • Better comprehension of vocabulary
  • Increased confidence in speaking the language and better fluency
  • An openness to the idea of using French after the Leaving Cert
  • (business, holidays, job…)
  • An appreciation of Irish culture as well as of foreign cultures
  • A certain ‘expertise’ and knowledge that they can contribute in class
  • Ideal for 5th Year (accessible to 4th Year back from France)

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Design: Corentin Hatte Support: Eleanor Dubail