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Our programmes

Our language programmes were pioneered in the early eighties and have consistently achieved excellent results to date. They involve the placement of Irish students in European Secondary Schools, alongside their counterparts, for part (or all) of the year. There is the option of residing with a family (of the school) or in a boarding school (mostly private). A local representative, accessible to the Irish parents, monitors well-being, progress and integration on a regular basis.

Our goals

The principal aim is to improve the participant’s knowledge of the language. Also, and of equal importance, studying and living with foreign students make learning a truly enriching cultural experience: just as the mother tongue is learned naturally, another language is best absorbed in its country of origin.

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Our approach

Our students benefit from a combination of classes, culture, sports and encounter. We ensure experienced teaching, small numbers and a caring environment. However, it is important for students to understand that the best results will be obtained through active participation and commitment. Adapting to a foreign culture does not happen overnight: in some cases, settling in may take a while and parents can expect their children to feel lonely and homesick. We are aware of difficulties that can arise, and we ask students to be adaptable, patient, and to accept the situation as a learning experience. We are, of course, available for help, guidance and will contribute to a pleasant stay as a link and an interpreter.

Finally, a methodical preparation is essential to enable us to provide applicants with a suitable placement and to meet individual needs. We therefore invite parents and students to attend an informative meeting in Dublin.

What is learned is more than an essential foreign language. If motivated and open-minded, what is often initially perceived as a daunting adventure becomes an enjoyable and maturing experience.

Jean-Marc Bourguignon, Mary-Clare Dever

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